I cannot figure out why this page is now immersed into my blog but it is a good hike and good photos


Five hundred miles have now been traveled on these feet of mine. They have suffered numerous stubbed toes on trail-covering tree roots resembling gnarled arthritic hands. Early blisters have evolved into protective callouses. Mosquitoes have apparently organized mass attacks on exhausted hikers, even biting through clothes! You hide out in your tent, kill the four that follow you in, and listen to the hum of the hundreds swarming your tent and landing on the screen, itching to get inside. The days can be steamy, and water is growing scarce with the lack of rain, both a blessing and a curse to a hiker. Bugs, heat, exhaustion, and a scratch or two are the daily norm.

So why is it worth it? A lifetime is nothing but a series of moments, and every single moment out here, the good and the bad, has a purpose. The rainy and sweltering days teach…

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