First hike of 2016

Today I left the house for a nice hike in the area.  I started out by hiking towards the Great Meadow on the Great Meadow Loop and then onto the Hemlock Trail to the Jesup Trail and the sun felt so strong along the boardwalk.  Then I found the Homan Path Trail and it was the first time I had hiked on this trail.  It contained some nice views and also had some neat rock formations which made me wish I had brought my camera.  I then moved onto the Emery Path heading still up towards Dorr Mountain.  This path also contained some nice views of the ocean and of the tarn.  I then found the Kurt Diedrich’s Climb and wasn’t sure if this was going to be heading in the direction I wanted to continue but I thought I was up for an additional adventure.  This path had a lot of steps and additional views as it continued along the mountain and eventually ended at the edge of the tarn.  I then continued back along the Jesup trail passing by Wild Garden’s of Acadia and then along the Hemlock Trail passing by the entry to the Homan Path.  Next I moved onto the Strath-eden trail which hooks back to the Kebo brook trail and then continued along the Great Meadow path until I was back at my house.  I had completed three new trails during my hike that encompassed two and a half hours.

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