Continuing my hike from STA to Route 52 and back again

april2016 020

The second day I hiked from STA (Shenandoah Tenting Area) to Route 52 in Stormville, NY and back to RPH Shelter.  This route was eleven miles in total but felt much longer as the heat of the day began to bother me.

april2016 024

My new Vermont Darn Tough socks for this hike are pictured here and were very comfy.

april2016 025


april2016 026

A very pretty spot about two miles from Route 52 where I sad and ate my lunch.  It was a peaceful place to rest and when I returned from reaching Route 52 some Belted Galoway’s slowly walked out into the field towards the barn with some new born calves.

april2016 027

Some of the path was so covered with leaves that it made the walking difficult as you would slip on the leaves covering rocks.  Often I found this unnerving as I became tired and my legs were not so agile as at the beginning of the day.

I thought I was going to have to camp before reaching the shelter because the heat of the day and the length of the hike was taking all my energy.  I continued to make small goals and then rest and eventually filtered some water in a brook and found the water along with the rest enough to get me back to the shelter area.  I hiked from 8:30 AM until 7:30 PM.

So finding this day rather challenging I thought I needed to seriously think about the following two days I had previously planned to hike.  I thought that it was going to be a rainy night so I camped out inside the shelter.  It was a very nice facility.  It was made of cinder blocks.  It had a nice picnic table outside with a roof over the top of it.   This shelter was an area that you could leave your garbage behind.  This was a great service that the people caring for the trail offer.  I read the log and signed it.  It was a little creepy to sleep in the shelter alone.  I was hoping that no one would arrive late at night and tried to assure myself that I would attempt to not be freaked out if someone startled me awake.  I was a little cold during the night.  I think sleeping in my tent gives me more ability to remain warm because it is a smaller space and more contained.  It was very nice to walk up dry and be able to make breakfast at the table and have a slow morning just taking my time to pack up and get ready to hike to the car.


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