First hike of 2016 back at the AT

This past weekend I returned to the AT and hiked a total of twenty five miles.  I only added onto my AT mileage 12.5 miles because I had to hike away from my car and then turn around and walk back to my car.

april2016 008

These are the clothes that I packed.  My entire pack including food for three days and water weighed thirty pounds.

april2016 011

Some of the pathway that I hiked.  I began my hike at Rt 301 in NY near Canopus Lake.  I drove 7.5 hours to arrive at the parking area.  Then hiked from 3:00 until 7:00 arriving at the Shenandoah Tenting Area.  I met two young girls that were also camping overnight.

I hiked a total of six miles to reach my destination.  I got my tent set up and used my new stove for the first time.  It worked well but uses a lot of gas compared to my other stove.

The first night was cold and I had to sleep with my bag closed up in order to stay warm.

april2016 016

This was the view above Canopus Lake.  It was very pretty.

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