Last weekend to prepare

The last weekend to prepare for my first hike of the season.  I headed out with a full pack on one of the warmest days so far this spring.  It was a pretty day and I had a plan of hiking up Dorr Mountain and then back home by the Stratheden path.  I walked along the Jesup boardwalk and it was a very still morning.  I continued past the Wild Gardens and the headed along the path along the Tarn.  After only a few minutes along this path I slightly lost my balance and then to avoid falling I over compensated and fell to the left and slid both of my knees along a number of rough granite rocks.  Since I am aware that I don’t do well after seeing the seepage of blood I decided to quickly return back on the path to a place I could sit and rest and gather my wits.  I found a rock and gathered a few items from my pack and proceeded to clean up my knees.  I was glad that I only scraped them badly and there seemed to be no damage.  I returned along the path and then began climbing the mountain from another approach.  I quickly changed my mind and decided to take the shorter and flatter trail back to my house.  It was a wise decision and once I returned home I completely cleaned my wounds and they have healed nicely.  It is a wise choice to carry my pack to practice the challenges of hiking but I am always concerned of getting injured before heading out on the AT.

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