Congdon Shelter to Seth Warner

hike VT May 2016 002Monday I packed up my tent and other items, leaving behind a small food bag and began my 7.4 mile hike to Seth Warner Shelter.  This hike will connect to the area I ended last August and then I can continue north.  So I hiked south beginning at 9:15 until 4:30.  I saw a yellow rumped warbler and met some nice people along the hike.  The highlight of the day was the moose that joined my hike.  I was hiking up to Consultation Peak and saw a large rump in the woods thinking at first it was a very large horse.  Then I saw the head of the horse and realized it was a moose.  WOW, at first I was thinking this is neat.  Once he noticed something was in the woods he turned around and began sniffing the air.  He began coming towards me.  I was thinking oh my I hope I do not smell at this point like a girl moose….this would be most unfortunate.  I looked around for three trees very close together to step between in the event I needed protection.  Then I just clapped my hands and said hey moose (like I have seen on the show “Alone”, they say hey bear all the time) and it worked he turned around and began walking away.  I continued to follow him along the trail for half a mile…he was hiking south bound just like me!   At times as he easily walked through the muck I wish I had long legs and hooves but no way I had short legs and though the boys call my small feet hooves they are just short wide feet.  I kicked up a ruffed grouse which totally made my heart jump.  I heard many of them drumming throughout the time on the trail.  I thought I saw an owl sleeping in a crook of a tree.  Then I began thinking am I starting to see images again as I hike for hours alone?  Once I arrived at the shelter I set up my tent.   Met two young girls and a young man all hiking the LT.  Then an older woman named Cecilia came into camp and we talked about equipment and why we had chosen what we carried.  She was hiking with ultra light gear.  She also was doing the LT.  I ate dinner and then played Pitch with the young man Dan and the two girls.  It had been a hot day and too many black flies but not too bad of a hike.  I heard a barred owl at night….”who cooks for you”, no one!

hike VT May 2016 003


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