Goddard to Melville and beyond

Today I delayed getting ready to leave until later in the morning.  I had tentatively thought of climbing to the fire tower to take photos without my backpack but my legs were not wanting to hike up hill in the morning so I decided to pack up and head down the mountain.

hike VT May 2016 019

My first hike with my dirty girl gaiters.  They worked well to keep debris out of my shoes.

My goal today was to hike to Melville Shelter 8.5 miles away.  It turned out to be a hot day.  I needed to carry water to sustain me for six miles, because it was dry until Hollow Brook.

I began my hike at 10:30 and hiked until 5:20.  It was hot, it was buggy, it was humid, and I was not enjoying every minute.  I finally decided to stop for lunch because I had not stopped at all due to the intensity of the black flies.   While I ate my lunch four college graduates stopped by to chat and needed to borrow some deet.   I gave them my deet to use and decided to give it to them cause I was leaving the trail the following day.   I also gave each of them a jolly rancher.  They were very happy to have both items.  My began feet to feel a little raw from walking around the last two days in camp without socks in my wet shoes.  This did not help with the constant downhill slamming of my toes into my shoes.  When I arrived in Melville Shelter there were some day use hikers there that were starting a fire and going to cook steaks.  I was not too certain I wanted to stay at the shelter but felt weary to continue.  After resting for about fifteen minutes I decided to move along and hike down to my car.  The bugs were just ferocious and I was really tired of them.

It took me another hour and a half to reach the car and at 7 PM I was done with my six day hike.  It  was good and I was pleased with the progress.  Not many photos were taken near the end due to the bugs and I was weary and hot.  Once I got to the car and got clean clothes on I drove to Exeter, NH and spent the night in a bed.  Other than the heat and the bugs it was a good hike.  It is so amazing to me the people and experiences that can happen on the trail.   I am blessed, truly a blessed turtle!


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