Hike Vermont take two

Sunday I drove 7.5 hours to route nine near Bennington, VT to begin my trek of the AT.

I got onto the trail at 5:30 PM and headed south which included a steep climb for half a mile.  About twenty minutes into the climb with my pack I thought WHAT am I doing?

This always happens at the beginning of the hike….I question WHAT am I doing and WHY am I out here.  Driving long distance to then jump out of the car and hike four hours is difficult but no pain no gain!  I saw an owl fly across my path and though I was startled it was neat.  So after hiking 4.3 miles I easily found the shelter.

I hiked until 9:00 PM getting into Congdon Shelter after sunset.  I heard no one in the shelter area so I hiked to the prvy and then found a place to set up my tent.  As I set up my tent I saw a light behind me and thought what is that?   It was an amazing moon rise.  It was shining on my tent area.  Though amazing from the outside I thought while bedding down for the night if a large “bear” shaped shadow crosses by the tent it might be so nifty.

And that was the first of six days on the trail.

hike VT May 2016 001

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