Seth Warner back to Congdon

So on Tuesday I hiked from Seth Warner back to Congdon Shelter.  It turned out to be a rather wet day.  I packed everything up in the morning and then it began to shower.  Well I could use a little bit of a shower so though it made hiking a bit slippery it was cooler while climbing up the hills.

hike VT May 2016 011

This is me before hike began for the day…all packed up and ready to go.

hike VT May 2016 012

This is me about two hours later where I stopped on Consultation Peak to grab a snack and needed to put on my poncho to keep warm.  I was soaking wet from the rain but cold once I stopped.  My hiking sister gave me the poncho for my birthday and it was good to wear at this point and I sat on it in the shelter to keep dry.

hike VT May 2016 008

While hiking I would walk over some really pretty water sources and enjoyed being able to pack only a liter of water most of the first days of hiking.  This makes the load I was carrying much more bearable.  Today I hiked from 8:15 until 1:40 and covered the same distance I had hiked the previous day 7.4 miles.  I got to see most of the people I camped with during the day as they passed me on the trail.  Most of them were heading onto the shelter further along the trail.  So by noon it stopped sprinkling and I stopped by the rushing water near the shelter to eat lunch.

hike VT May 2016 013

Please note the dirty girl gaiter paired with the dirty hiker shoe!  Yes, many soggy areas were crossed today yet I haven’t fallen down on the trail.  I was tired while resting here and remember it was not too comfortable where I had sat down to eat lunch but not a lot of choices were available and I was attempting to dry off in the sun at the same time.

At this shelter I heard ruffed grouse, black throated green warblers and black throated blue warblers.  Had time in the afternoon after it warmed up a little to dry out my tent and my hiking clothes on the neat clothesline that my daughter got me for Christmas this year!   I used it a lot and found it the perfect size and of course the perfect weight…light!

See below the amazing privy at Congdon.hike VT May 2016 004hike VT May 2016 006

In the afternoon I met a person from northern VT that was also staying at the shelter.  We talked about hiking and terrain of the trail.   He was hiking the entire Long Trail without restocking.  It was good to rest and relax and also to get warm after a cool and wet hike.



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