Story Spring Shelter to Goddard

My goal today was to find the owner of the lost hat and to hike to Goddard Shelter.  I started out of the shelter at 8:45 and knew the area I would cover today was a gentle terrain and I looked forward to less of a challenge.  I met Dan from Seth Warner Shelter, and another woman doing the LT, and then I saw Cecilia from the other shelter also.  All these people knew the person that had lost their hat.  They told me that they were behind them and I would meet them along the path.   When I finally met Andrew and his girlfriend on the trail it was a sweet conversation.  He was so surprised and thrilled to know that I had carried out his hat and shirts and placed them ahead on the trail for him to retrieve.  I felt like I had accomplished some trail magic with this kindness.  I also met the person that had dropped off my car at route nine and stopped to eat lunch along the trail.  We had a good conversation and I was blown away at the number of miles he hiked daily.  I hiked 4.3 miles to a shelter called Kid Gore.  There was a really pretty view and some neat camp sites that looked over the valley.

hike VT May 2016 015hike VT May 2016 014

I thought about staying here for the night and after arriving to the buggy Goddard Shelter I wished I had remained longer at Kid Gore.  I met the two girls from the earlier shelter at Seth Warner and had a nice chat and shared jolly ranchers with them.  After the girls left I cleaned up a little and then sat in the sun for a while trying to dry out and rest.  The bugs were bothering me a little so eventually I put on deet and continued along the trail.  I had another 4.2 miles to hike.  It took me until 6:30 to reach the shelter.  The last mile was what I call the “mile too far” but I made it and then rested in the shelter while talking to a person that was also doing the LT.  She was setting up her tent in the shelter due to the bugs and I proceeded to do the same.  As you can see from the photos below Goddard Shelter was a nice building but the view was very limited.

hike VT May 2016 020

hike VT May 2016 021

I have to say I was a bit let down once I arrived.   I had planned to stay two days at this location and rest and relax.   I saw no reason to stay here and the bugs were intense.

I would wait until morning to make my final choice about staying or leaving but was pretty sure I would be moving on.  I had a pretty good nights sleep and though I woke up early I then climbed back into my sleeping bag to rest for a few more hours.

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