Hiking Homan’s Path with Newbies

Yesterday I hiked Homan’s Path with some friends.  All three of them had not been up Homan’s Path and this was an adventure for them.  It was so much fun to show them the views of Great Meadow and of the ocean from the side of Dorr Mountain from the high viewpoints.  It was a cloudy day which helped us to remain cool as we hiked.  We traveled across Emery onto Kurt Dietrich and then back to the Wild Garden’s of Acadia parking lot. We took some really neat photos that I hope to add to this blog at another time.  It is so neat to know most of the path as you lead people to an area that they have not experienced.  We went out on a vista point that gave us an amazing view and an opportunity for many neat photos.  Isn’t that much like our lives as we walk along without a thought of our future and if we rely on God then it is like following him as a guide that has our best interest at hand.  He would never lead us down a path of no return and leave us alone to fend for ourselves.  We are the ones that go down the lonely roads and find the darkness to hide.  He holds to plan we just need to be willing to follow…sounds so simple.  Though I knew the path we were following yesterday I did not take out my map.  At a few points we looked at the map to help some other hikers and eventually to review the area we were to hike.  I was a little unfamiliar of one of the areas and thought I had missed a trail.  But then I reviewed the area we had hiked and remembered that we had climbed up the area with the great view of the meadow and that was the “right” path.  I remained calm and kept hiking and eventually we came across the sign post that I was looking for to point me the correct direction.  In our daily walk if we go it “without any map” we may stray from the right path but if we follow him we will be on the “right” pathway and our journey will be in the light.2016 March 018

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