Round Lake

With my sister I traveled to the Adirondacks and we kayaked Round Lake.  It was a nice paddle into the area on a wide inlet.  The day was quite warm but we were able to cool off in the water.

There were some neat islands to explore and we ate lunch on one of them.  Then we paddled around the end of the pond and found a beach along the side.  We could not resist getting out of the boats and sitting in the water to cool down.  It was a really nice day and if there had been less biting flies it would have been close to perfect!  I felt bad that they were only biting my lovely sister.  On the way back to the cottage we stopped for a treat at

a JRECK sub shop and also to McDonalds for an ice coffee but it turned out to be more of a creamer and lots of sugar with ice and a dash of coffee.  It is so much fun exploring new areas in a wilderness without running into people.  We saw one canoe take off before we parked the car and when we were driving away from the parking lot at the end of the day we saw a canoe returning to the shore.  It was awesome to be out for hours and feel like we

were “alone”.

Adventure on Lake Ontario ends with a mysterious bag of emergency supplies.

We ended our vacation together by going for a kayak around to Fuller Bay in Lake Ontario.  While we were exploring the shore we found a dry sac.  This bag was full of emergency equipment.  We dragged it back to the cottage to see what was inside.  There were supplies to survive if you were in a dingy due to boat issues.  We found a beacon and headed into town to contact the agency to find the owner of the bag.  After a week of waiting I contact the Coast Guard and they located the owner and he wants us to return the

items which were lost during a sailing race on Lake Ontario.  It wasn’t as exciting as all the crazy scenarios that we had dreamed up together.  My daughter sort of grew weary of us talking about the situation.  Make sure to plan an adventure at least twice a year that stretches you a little and makes you appreciate nature.

round lake


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