Big Branch Tenting to Griffin Lake

In the morning after knocking down a few trees (by accident) we began hiking towards Griffin Lake.  We hiked 6 miles from 8:30 to 2:30. We stopped in at Lost Pond Shelter to filter some water and found it to be a cute shelter with a nice open area in front of the shelter.  The water source was very good and cold.  During the hike we climbed to the top of Baker’s Mtn and ate our lunch with an amazing view of the area.  There were neat rocks at the summit and some amazing moss along the path.  The tenting area at Griffin Lake was rather private but while walking through the area to get around the campsites you needed to enter the other tent platforms.  We had an uncomfortable situation with an aggressive dog and their owner.  The area by the lake was very pretty and we took advantage and cooled off in the water.  We ate our meal down by the water also and watched the sun drop below the mountain. I got a really good nights rest in my tent.

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