Bromley Mtn to car and to Greenwall

We hiked down Bromley Mtn having carried all the water we would need for both days.  It

was good to finally reach water and resupply our bottles.  We managed to hike three miles to the car and then 2.2 more miles to Greenwall.  We hiked 7:30 to 9:00 and then moved car and went the EMS store and to a place to eat lunch in town.  We then hiked 1:30 to 3 PM and for some reason I did not check my pack before hiking.  My straps had loosened on my pack and it made the weight of the pack very uncomfortable to carry.

I was glad to fix the problem the following day.  We met Pounder at the shelter and he helped eat some of the food that we had packed and wasn’t needed during this leg.

He showed us his “spot” that sent a message back to his friends and family to tell the where he was located for the night.

It got cold quickly and I felt chilled as we sat at dinner.   We decided to hang our food and look for wood to start a fire to warm us all up.  This was the coldest night so far.

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