From Spruce Peak to Stratton Shelter

Today we hiked from Spruce Peak Shelter to Stratton Shelter near Stratton Pond.

Our plan had been to make it to North Shore Tenting on Stratton Pond but it was too long

of a trail off the AT to get to the tenting area.  While packing up my tent at the morning shelter all my gear got wet during a down pour.   We went into the shelter to dry off and wait for the rain to end.  While we were waiting we were entertained by Bat who was hiking the AT and was legally blind.  He talked the entire morning as we waited to leave.

We hiked seven miles to get to the pond.  We hiked from 9 to 4.  We stayed in the shelter with five other people and it was a rather restless night for me.  The shelter was large with a picnic table under cover of a roof.  We met Westie, Bean, Zoe, Blade and his friend.  We also met Ben the caretaker and his silly hat named Ellie Phant.  He was fun to chat with the times he stopped by the shelter to collect money.  Blade was a person in a book written by the Barefoot sisters.  Zoe was fun to talk with and was doing the LT north bound.  Bean was very nice and shared a lot with many of the people.  I shared a neat dessert with my sister a bar “Hi my name is Carmel Brownie” and she thought I was sharing the entire dessert with her.  So after a bit I mentioned was she going to open it and she said she had already eaten it all.  We laughed for a while about it and many other days when the topic came to mind.

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