Greenwall to Little Rock Shelter

Along the trail there were small trees and so much moss lining the rocks.  It was like walking five miles through a fairy land.  Below are a few images to try to capture the feel as we walked along.  The path was almost encased in the small trees along the beginning of our hike to Little Rock Pond.


At the end of our journey today this is what we viewed as we walked along the pond.  It was calling me to jump in and cool down though I really wasn’t hot because it was a pleasant day.


The minnows and red spotted newts were so much fun to watch as we filtered water.  They are all sizes and their swimming about was fun to observe.  It was good to soak our feet after many days of hiking.  We met another caretaker and a young man spending the night at the shelter.  We sat by the lake at night waiting for the moon to rise.  It was very quiet along the pond and we enjoyed sitting at the water’s edge.  We heard some crows calling to each other and my sister did her best barred owl call.  What was funny is that the caretaker

was hiking Green mountain and heard us making the false owl noises.  We watched him walk along the pond at a fast rate of speed but at the time we did not know it was him.

Once he got the entrance of the pond we talked with him for a few minutes and laughed about the fake bird calls.  Chipmunks were very annoying at the tent sites and boldly came

to the entrance of our tent looking for food.  Even when we yelled at them to leave they barely noticed us.

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