Griffin Lake to Bromley Mtn

We left Griffin Lake early hoping to miss the rain for which was to begin in the afternoon.  We made it to a small brook past Griffin Lake and it began to rain.  We moved our filtering party to Peru Peak Shelter.  We sat in the shelter and filtered water and waited for the rain to end.  We met Otter at the shelter and he was hiking in the rain with an umbrella.  Along the hike Linda’s friend thought she heard a moose ahead in the woods.  Linda and I heard an owl hoot twice along the hike.  This was the day to find the top of Bromley Mountain.  In order to find the top of Bromley we had to climb over Peru Peak and also Styles Peak.   None of us knew the amazing time that waited for us at the final peak and what a nice break to stay in the warming hut for skiers.  We met a gentlemen at the hut that was hiking the LT.  We enjoyed the mountain with him and at times entertained him with our humor.  We hiked 7.5 miles today from 8:10 to 4:20.  We got to the top in time to see the storm from the inside of the hut. The movement of the fog and clouds was so much fun to watch.  After the storm passed we got to see an amazing sunset and then the moon rise over the mountain.  The wind was very strong at the top of the mountain.  During the night the stars were amazing with Orion taking the cake.  Though I would like to forget him I must mention Mr. Wolf in the privy that entertained me on every visit.  My sister felt he was trapped in the bucket of shavings and wanted to “help” him out!

The final photo was the following morning when we began our hike south down the mountain.  The sunrise from the top was very pretty and it was a perfect start to another day of hiking.

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