Nice hike where fall colors abound

Great hike on Saturday.  I started at my house and hiked to Sieur de Mont then onto the Tarn.  It was colder than I expected and I was concerned I did not bring enough layers.


Then I hiked across the street and began climbing Hugenot Head by the Beechcroft trail.

There were so many amazing views.  I have captured a few below.  Fall colors were so much brighter in person.

Then there was a neat rock balancing on the side of the path.  It was cool.

img_0841From below the rock and then looking back at the large rock from higher up on trail.


I continued along the path ever climbing higher and then there was a neat place to step out on the rocks and get an amazing 180 degree view!

I continued to hike up and eventually began to climb Champlain Mountain.


Then I got a Vermont sock in the photo with Sand Beach in the background!


And lastly I got a photo of the Bowl with all the fall colors.  The Bowl was not my final destination but I decided to cut the hike short to get back home before dark.  I ended up hitching a ride near Schooner Head Road.


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