Kayaking around MDI-leg nine


On October 6th I set out with Betty on the final leg of my journey.  This journey almost did not get completed.  I was rather chicken to get back into the boat but I wanted to complete the last leg.  Betty agreed to go with me because she agreed that I could not finish it solo.

This final leg was from Seal Harbor Beach to Otter Cove.  It was a rather strange area to kayak because not a lot of it is familiar area.  The crashing of the waves on the shore was enough to send chills up my spine.  The goal was to keep Betty close so that each  of us would remain safe but at times we were not near each other due to me wanting to get this leg done and get back onto shore.  As we kayaked into Otter Cove it was bitter sweet to have completed the goal set out before me.  An eagle ushered us into the cove and circled around as we landed.   It was a neat finale.  Then we took the bus back to town and I can’t recall if Dick then picked us up and drove us to Seal Harbor beach but we got back safely.

I believe that I kayaked a total of 85 miles to complete the journey.  The long number of miles to complete the area of 66 miles around was due to sometimes having to return to my car by kayaking back over the same course.


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