Kayaking around MDI-leg one

So my goal in 2007 was to kayak the perimeter of Mount Desert Island.

The measurement around including the sound was around 67 miles.  This was keeping even with the shore always maintaining swimming distance to the shore.  I kept in mind a plan when thing got too challenging or I felt dangerous what was I going to do.  It was always a goal to remain safe at all times though I knew it was just a risk being on the ocean due to the cold temperatures.  I would eventually meet a day that challenged me and shook me to the core but I managed to remain calm and made rapid choices that may have saved my life.   Read on as the journey begins on leg number one.  I always carried with me water and some safety items like a compass and whistle.  I always wore a life jacket, had a map, and told someone where I was headed for the day.  First leg of the journey was from Bartlett’s Landing to Goose Cove ending at Seal Cove.  This journey was twelve miles and I kayaked it with a friend named Betty.  This journey took place on June 16, 2007.  I believe that we saw porpoise in Seal Cove as we ended our day.

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