Kayaking MDI-leg seven

I don’t have the date when I kayaked the section from Otter Cove to Bar Harbor beach which was about eleven miles.  I recall this was a rather nerve racking solo kayaking event.  There were so many areas that if I did capsize then I would NOT be able to get out of the water.  There was very little beach area but a lot of steep rocky cliff areas.  Many years later when people were swept into the ocean at Thunder Hole I thought how terrifying it must have been for those people in the ocean trying to stay afloat.  I was very cautious and was constantly looking for exposed rocks along the shore that would tip my kayak if I rode up on them.  I remember along Otter Cliff I was looking for the rock that looks like a whale from shore and was a little freaked out I could not locate it.  But because I was kayaking at a fairly high tide I was not able to find it’s location.  I was glad to get this portion completed.  This photo is looking back at Sand beach from Otter Cliff area and the point of land called Great Head.


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