Hike number three for 52 Challenge

Hike number three for the year was completed yesterday.

I did Great Head Trail in ANP.


It was a very cold day at 10 degrees.  I walked from the parking lot at Sand Beach to the parking lot at Great Head.  I headed towards the view of Sand Beach.


I then continued along the part that heads to the end of the point.  I continued down the path that I needed to work along the rocks and the ice to be sure not to slip.  The path took me back to the walkway and I doubled back to the Great Head area by this path until I got

to the trail head sign.



I hiked for an hour and twenty minutes and estimated it to be about four miles.  I remained warm for the walk other than the moisture on my face from breathing in my neck gaiter.

It was a good day and I am so happy to live in a beautiful area.

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