Number ten of 52 hike challenge


Not a real adventure today but I walked from my house to the Hemlock trail (a little water over the walkway)


to the Jesup trail then back along Hemlock Road.  Then back by the Jesup trail


to the road.   The Jesup boardwalk had a lot of water along the edges.  It was neat to still be able to walk along an area that would be under water if the boardwalk was not floating along the path.  I was surprised so little snow was on the park road.


Then I walked along Kebo brook trail until I got to Kebo Brook.  It was running really fast.  Those rocks in the center of the path are usually able to be walked across!   There was a lot of snow along this path.  My feet were soaked by the time I got back to the road.  It took me an hour and forty  five minutes to walk this area.  Most of the time I was maneuvering through about six to eight inches of snow and ice.  Not sure of the distance but about three to four miles would be my guess.  Really warm out at sixty degrees!

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