Snowshoeing again in blizzard hike number nine of challenge 52 in 2017

This hike is out of order.  I forgot to load it due to all the shoveling after two huge storms followed by a small storm all in a week.


This is the area I tried to snowshoe to get to a road where snowmobiles had made a path through the snow.  It is a path I often follow when I walk to work.  I snowshoed for forty five minutes in 28 inches of fluffy snow.  It was difficult to continue moving forward.


In this photo you can see where I broke trail.   After forty five minutes I was pretty tired and the area with the snowmobile path contained huge drifts before I could even see if a snowmobile had come through the area.   I decided to turn around and walk back to the road.  It only took me fifteen minutes to get back to  the road on the easy walking path I had made.  Oh yes I also fell down in the soft snow and struggled to get up.  It was a challenge but I finally made enough of a hole that I could stand up and get my shoes back on.  When I got back to the road I walked a mile back to my house in a blizzard.  It was really cold but I was glad I had at least attempted an adventure.  I only walked about two miles but in with the challenge of the depth of snow I added it into my hiking log!  It took me and hour and a half to finally reach home.


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