Hike number ELEVEN for 52 challenge

WOW today it is cold outside.   It was nine degrees when I left the house and three degrees when I returned and windy!


This is my Maine Ninja outfit!  I was comfortable other than the condensation building up when I would breathe and really not keen on breathing into a gaiter.


Again the area I hiked was the Great Meadow loop and Stratheden path was added in because the ice and snow was melted off.  It was good to get onto my favorite trail again.  Met one jogger along the trail.

Found some icicles along the hike.  It was a pretty day and if the wind was not blowing gusts it would have been more pleasant.

I hiked for one hour and a half.  It was about 3.5 miles I would guess.  Not stopping because of the cold definitely makes for a faster walk.   So odd that I found it getting colder as I hiked but it made sense when I got home and it was even colder on the thermometer.

Happy trails!


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