AT Hike in PA begins

In April I hiked in PA on the AT with travel help from my daughter.  We left her house at 11:30 and dropped off my “hike to” car at route 325 and then we arrived at route 183 at 4 PM.  It was an overcast day and I had a short four miles to hike.  I made it into the Hertlein campsite area by 5:50 PM.


Yes the ground looks as hard as it really was.  I could not easily get my stakes into the ground and new since it already had started to sprinkle that I needed to be sure to place the rain flap so the rain would flow away from my tent.  It was challenging but I guess I did a good job because I stayed dry through the pouring rain.  Did not eat supper but had some snacks.  Tried to get warmed up by sitting in my sleeping bag as it rained outside.

It was a chilly night.  No one else camping in the area I am staying.  I often find myself so difficult at times.  Like planning to hike is so challenging to me with the details.  I felt this hike planning went smoothly because I did so much before driving to PA but then the detail of finding the trailheads just boggles my brain.  When I can’t think clearly my choices are slow to materialize.

2017 total hiked: 4 miles day one of one (hike number 16 of 52 challenge)


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