Day three of PA hike from William Penn SH to Rausch Gap SH

Shelter at Rausch Gap was made from an old building foundation
This water source was right near the shelter

Today I am hiking to Rausch Gap SH and I got a slow start but it is a little tough being the only women in camp and no privy to change in.  This is another reason I like to put up my tent in shelters.  It is so much more private.  I hiked from 9:15 to 8:45.  It was a long day.  I hiked twelve miles plus .3 miles into the shelter.  But it felt like fourteen miles for sure.  I met a widow named Robin on the trail.  We were crossing a few boulder fields and began talking.  She is from Missouri and trying to flip flop hike.  A person she met the previous day was slack packing her so she could walk ten miles without her big pack and then stay at her house overnight.  Met some really nice people along the trail today.  There was a couple from Sweden that were quite nice and said they would see me at the shelter that night.  I told them I hoped that I could make it.  I grew weary as the day dragged on and my wet shoes were not helping with the hike.  Some of the rocks were slippery and that made it challenging to not twist an ankle.  I had to ford a small river about fifteen feet wide.  The water was icy cold.  My feet were numb when I got tot he other side.  I thought wading across would feel good but it did not.  My feet hurt.  Too many miles left and I was loosing steam.  Putting arnica on my sore muscles is working well.  I have taken advil only once a day.  Today I thought if I could find my jolly ranchers then my day would brighten up.  I looked in my pack for them and could not find them.  This was a bummer and so I continued to walk.  As I completed the last two miles I was getting really warm and weary.  So last night I ended my hike with hypothermia and tonight I have heat stroke.  Near the end of the hike I came to an area that was a coal mining town in the 1800’s.  I thought the area was confusing and wasn’t sure I would find the shelter.  I continued to walk but was losing faith that I would find the shelter.  Then out of the blue a blue trail marker showed up.  I then saw tents along the side and knew I was near.  I saw the couple from the trail and then welcomed me.  They were camping on a bed of coal their site.  I asked them if their gear was getting oil on it and they did not understand.  I found an open campsite near the privy!   YAY!


Note privy in the background of lower photo.  Convenient at night I must say!  Stars were amazing during the night at this site.  First clear night of the three I camped.


First privy and I get to camp next to it.  The water source was at the shelter and it was easy to gather water out of the pvc pipe.  I filled up with water and found a flat area to set up my tent.  I got my gear arranged and then boiled water for oatmeal.  I was very tired and afraid to eat too much or I would not be able to get to sleep.  The roaring river near the campsite helped to put me to sleep.  Glad I did not know this was the tough day of the four day hike but glad I made it into the shelter area.

Total hiked 2017 day three of four: 12 miles plus .12 from SH and .3 to SH.  Hike number 18 of 52 hike challenge.  Total 2017 AT 26 miles

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