PA hike day number five

Today I got onto the trail again after two days of delay due to weather.  I drove to route 183 and headed north.  I hiked to Eagles Nest SH and back to the car.


I left at 10:10 to 6 PM.  Uneasy leaving my car in the parking lot and when I returned after the hike someone was sitting in a truck near the entrance to the lot and drove away quickly once they saw me.  I was glad nothing had happened to the car while I was hiking.   Rocks are amazing and they just bother your feet after hours of hiking.  Mentally they are exhausting too.  Once I made it to Eagles Nest SH I was thinking about staying overnight but there was a control burn planned for the next day and I did not know how smoky that would make the trail.   Originally I thought I would hike back to car and then find a motel and then hike more Thursday and Friday  but I am feeling like things are not aligning very well and it might be best to quit while I am ahead.   I am sort of bummed but also tired.  Hiked 6.2 miles to the shelter and another .3 to the SH and then .3 back to the trail and .3 to and from the parking lot where the car was left.


This made me think of song and We all fall down!   Glad I did not fall during hike!


Total AT miles hiked 6.2 new miles and for the day 14 miles.  Total miles for five days of hiking on AT in PA 43.2 miles.  Total hiked to get to shelters and all 51.4.

Hike number 20 of 52 hike challenge.

2 thoughts on “PA hike day number five

  1. wow seemed like a tough 50+ miles. Kudos on completing this part of the trek. I think i could walk 3 miles to cape and 3 miles back to cottage. Hard to think 14 miles is like going to clayton ….. nope i could not do that.

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