PA hike day number four Rausch Gap SH to the car parked at route 325


It felt so good on day four to have some sun on my face.  I hiked today from 10:15 until 6:30.  It was a long day and the rocks were definitely challenging me today.  My feet began to hurt early and I spent some time changing my socks three times in an hour and nothing seemed to help.  I knew now it was endure it or chop off my feet and walk along on my bloody stumps!  Saw a snake along the trail only minutes after I thought that this sun will most likely bring some snakes out of their cold hiding places.  Glad I only carried a small amount of water.  In the AM I had a long talk with a man who lived in northern PA and he was day hiking.  Then I ran into a large group of people on the trail for a field trip.  I asked them if they were my welcoming party.  I also mentioned that if they had seen me the day before they could had sung happy birthday to me.  So they started up a chorus of Happy Birthday as I walked along.   It was sweet.  I paused to eat lunch but a cute little stream and rested my feet.  This was one of the first times in three days I had

stopped and sat down during the day.  The other days had been so cold and wet that I just kept hiking.


looks like I tossed down my pack but I actually paused to sit down and the pack rolled away




Though a photo is worth a thousand words this photo does not show how painful these are after five hours of hiking and maneuvering around them


Stones and rocks today began to bug me for hours.  The small stones just were bothersome and the large ones just made it tough to walk at any pace.  The sharp fixed rocks just took their toll until my feet felt raw.

Total hiked 11 miles plus .3 from the SH.

Total for AT 2017 37 miles

Hike number 19 of 52 hike challenge

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