PA hike day number two Hertlein CS to William Penn SH


It is my birthday today and I am hiking ALL DAY!


Today I woke up with pouring rain!   YAY!  I will sleep late!   YAY! I am dry!  Hike going smoothly well day number one is behind me.  I have ten miles to hike today.  Not sure about the rocks but the elevation will not be a challenge.  Hiked from 8:30 until 4:30.

Stopped at 501 SH to fill up my water.  Cold day today.  Okay while I am hiking but cannot stop for long or get chilled.  Did not start out the day with hot food or coffee.

Dragging a little due to the no caffeine.  The last hour of my hike it was pouring rain and rather cold.  I worried a short time about getting hypothermia.  I kept tabs on how I was feeling and continued to pray that the shelter would be a short distance ahead.  I was hoping that if I began to feel fuzzy headed and making poor choices that I would be smart enough to get off the trail and set up my tent and get warmed up and dry.  I was thankful when I saw the trail to the shelter.  As I walked in I did not see a privy.  Day number two without a privy.  Not a problem just nicer when raining not to be posting up to a tree.  Got out of my wet gear and immediately got into dry clothing and then wrapped up in my emergency blanket.  I don’t usually set up my tent in the shelter and would have taken it down if more people arrived.  I was afraid I would be cold and usually in the shelter it is harder to get warm do to the large open space.  I ended up being toasty warm!  Soon I was feeling better and after eating a warm meal I was feeling good.  Two people hiked into the shelter that were thru hiking from Springer.  One young man stayed a short time and was headed to the next shelter.  As he ate his cold pizza we chatted.  He was from Blue hill area (40 minute) a short drive from my house.  He only stopped due to the rain.  Then after he left another man came into the shelter and he also was hiking north and was from blue hill.  He had not met the person that was ahead of him.  We had a great chat and he had hiked in Acadia before and had turtle in his trail name.

Such a small world.  The other person staying at the shelter that seemed to want to tell me where to set up my sleeping bag and tent and at first I found him annoying.  He opened up and talked a while but then he went back to the loft to sleep.  Lots of snoring went on through the night but I slept amazingly well.

Not much seen as I hiked today.  But I have a few photos of areas that were clear to see the valley.


Total hiked day two of four : 10 miles plus .12 into shelter area.   (For 2017 14 miles)

Hike number 17 of 52 challenge.

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