Hike 21 of 52 challenge…Acadia Mtn

Today was really a pretty day.  Hiked Acadia Mountain with a friend and her cute little dog!  It was a two hour hike and we climbed the steeper side and then climbed down the easier side.


Water was a running and sometimes right down the path which made the rocks kinda slippery.

My friend and her cute little dog and a neat tree that was just hanging out.

hike acadia mtn with katie may2017

Me pondering life as I gazed out to the ocean.  Very pretty hike.

Looking back at the ocean I just could not resist in taking another photo of the path and the lichen.



Made it so another hike done and after a few more I will be halfway done with the goal.

Love where I live and living the life!

To trail: parked at Acadia Mountain parking went up the trail across the street to the fire

road and walked along the fire road until we got to the south end.  Climbed to the waterfall and then down the other side and walked the short fire road back to car.

Some rock scramble but not too hard.  Two hours hike.

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