Hike 22 of 52 hike challenge found the cobblestone bridge


Today I hiked from Jordan pond to the Cobblestone Bridge.  It was a really peaceful walk.


I walked along Jordan stream for a while and it was rather cool.

It is a really neat construction.  The stones are beautiful.  The stream that runs under it was amazing and the sound while standing under the bridge was really neat.

The carriage road above was how I got to the cobblestone bridge.  On the way back to Jordan pond I walked along the asticou trail on the way back.  The little bridge on the

trail was neat too.  Then I found a tree that any hobbit would be proud to call home.

An owl (barred) called out from a distance it was neat to hear during the day.  Back at the Element I heard a hermit thrush calling multiple times and a few mergansers in Jordan pond.

When I returned to Jordan pond a storm was a brewing and it started to sprinkle once

I got back to the Element.


The hike took two hours and was very enjoyable.  I wished I had taken my older sister on this trail when she visited last fall.  She would have loved the area of the bridge.

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