Gear for Hiking

Thought I would list off some of the gear that I have found for hiking that has worked well for me.  It is good to do a lot of research before buying the BIG items and then even better to talk to someone that owns one of them.  My sister and I did a lot of rebounding off each other and the below list includes most of my purchases.  I am in my fourth year of section hiking the AT and have liked all my choices.  I am always trying to reduce my base pack weight but know what works for me so it is a tough chore removing but maintaining what is needed.

2015 274

My tent is a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2.  I am looking to buy a second one for future use…that is how much I like it!  Got is from EMS weighs in at 1 lb. and 15 oz. without the bags.  Has held up well and has kept me dry.  I have a footprint for the UL2 also from EMS which weighs in at 5 oz.  My sleeping bag is great.  It is a Nemo Nocturne 30F  700 Down.  It is a spoon shape and very comfortable.  Got it from Amazon and it is 32 oz.

I use a liner in it to keep it clean and depending on the time of year for extra warmth.  The liner is a Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor 8.1 oz. and adds about 10 degrees to my bag.  Also got it through EMS.  I made a liner out of rip stop material for summer that I use my liner inside and always take along a emergency blanket even in the summer.

My pad is a Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad.  It needs to be blown up but only takes about twenty breaths.  It is for a side sleeper.

A comfort item is my blow up pillow from Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow ultra light picked it up at Cabelas weighs in at 2.5 oz.  I did not use it the first year but glad I have it.


My pack is Osprey Aura 65L size Medium.  Love this pack.  It carries a lot but keeps the weight very comfortable.  I have carried over 40 pounds and though I would not recommend it I was okay (not on the hills) but I survived.  The trekking poles are Leki.


Stove I am currently using is not the one I started with.  I use the Sno peak giga power 3.7 oz.  I use my Toaks Titanium 750 ml pot for everything I need.  I boil water and drink my coffee out of it.  I only eat out of ziplock bags so no cooking no clean up.  Love my Toaks Titanium Long handle spoon with polished bowl.   Below is the photo of my Jetboil.  This stove is awesome and it is very efficient.  I only drop a little weight leaving it home but I gain space.   My Sno peak uses more fuel so on a longer hike I would go back to my Jetboil for sure.

MA AT hike 2014 095

I hike only in Darn Tough Vermont socks.  I have three different weights of these socks.  They are amazing!

MA AT hike 2014 013

For water filtering I use a Sawyer PointOne Squeeze water filtration system.  I have a Water carry 2000ml Evernew dirty catch bag.  I carry water in my bladder  (Platypus Platy Bottle 2 Liter) and in Smart water bottles.  I also carry a Ziploc bag to collect water in areas when it is not running so that it is easier to fill my dirty catch bag.

hike VT May 2016 019

I wear Merrills and Dirty Girl gaiters!

april2016 008

My clothing for a fall hike.   Really like having my winter hat for most hikes.  My sister says it is my security blanket.







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