Bagged another hike number 23 of 52 challenge


Hiked Kebo brook trail to Stratheden to Hemlock road to Jesup trail and back the Great Meadow loop.  It was not a clear day so bagging a peak was not in my scope.  I took a gentle walk along the woods and it was peaceful and reset my mind for another work week to begin.  Was walking for an hour and twenty minutes today and not sure of the mileage but I hardly stopped to smell the rosa ragosa today!

Cute wild iris along with some daiseys along the park loop road made me smile.


The beaver have been busy flooding the Great Meadow.  This is not going to make some people very happy if it backs up into the Wild Gardens of Acadia.



One of the bridges that I cross near the meadow.  It is not all that pretty but it got into my blog today.  Saw a couple of people I know walking along the Jesup trail enjoying the day.

I must get busy figuring out a plan to stay on track with the hiking for the year.  I expected to have gotten onto the AT again by now and be ahead on my yearly goal.  Might have to make some evening pack my dinner hikes to places I can view the sunset from!  Get out and hike it clears your mind and at the same time gets you thinking.

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