25 of 52 Hike Challenge


For my twenty fifth hike I hiked Beech Mountain 839 feet.  I went to the south end of Long Pond and started on the Beech mountain trail.  It was a good climb.


The view was fabulous.  It challenged me to get to the top.  There were a few people at the top so I did not remain long on the top.  This was an area that I think a friend likes to site and do her devotions in the summer.  I can’t wait to show her the photo.

Got a neat shot under the fire tower!


The moss along the trail named south ridge was really neat.   So many small pine trees and different types of moss.


I really like the red capped soldier moss.  There were many bunches along the path.

On top of the rock on the path was some more varieties.



So it took me about an hour and ten minutes to get to the top.  I had to stop frequently to catch my breath and rested a few minutes.  Was happy to climb down the south ridge trail that joins into the valley trail.   Then when I got to the bottom of the valley trail I could not find where it continued so I walked along the park road back to the beech mountain trail.  I think I would hike it again but I will wait until I have forgotten how difficult the climb was up the mountain.  It took me from 3 PM to 5:30 PM to hike the mountain and return to my car.


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