Hike number 26 of 52 Challenge and it was a doozey


So at the summit of this long climb there was no marker cause someone thought it should be their souvenir.  What a bummer.  Well the hike began with my taking a miss step and then at the summit we have a missed marker.  We left the parking lot of Jordan pond and climbed up the south ridge trail of Penobscot Mountain at elevation of 1,040 feet.  We came back down the Spring trail to Jordan Pond.  The climb was gradual but long.  The return trail was very steep.  There were a few tricky parts that I had trouble reaching down to get through the gap.

It took us from 1:30 until 5 PM.  It was a good hike but a challenge as usual.  I was okay for most of the climb and enjoyed the decent.

Part way along the ridge we thought we were near the top and we had another .5 miles to go.  It was a bummer but the view just got better as we walked.   We could see from so many angles.  We could see Cadillac Mtn and Pemetic Mtn and once were on the summit we could see Sargent Mtn.


The view was very hard to take in.  There was so much to see and I felt my brain was on overload to see it all.   Just surrounded by beauty.

We were so high up that there was a view of the entire length of Jordan Pond.

The photos don’t begin to capture it all but I attempted to give a little of an idea of the trek as we walked.  This was a weekend full of good hiking and great weather.  I feel so blessed.   I am in awe of the place I call home.





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