First Kayaking of the year

Wow life has been so busy.  This is the latest ever that I have gotten out in my kayak.  It was an amazing paddle of Eagle lake.  I did the entire perimeter and with the water being so high and it being so calm I could really go along the entire edge.  Sorry no photos it was a foggy dark day.   Very calm and peaceful!  I really was thankful for my little wheeler for moving my kayak today.  It works so well.  I wheeled my kayak from the back yard to my driveway and then easily loaded it into my Element.  It was my virgin ride for my kayak in my Element.

It went pretty well.  It took a little bit of figuring to get the kayak tied down and the window also secured.  Not sure I want to use this method for off island excursions but definitely works for the close bodies of water.  I just never get tired of floating along the water.  It is a magical experience.  Feeling blessed today to live where I live and can enjoy so much beauty at my fingertips.


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