Hike 27 and 28 of 52 Challenge

Hike number 27 was around the meadow and along Statheden and Kebo brook trail.  This hike has been done before so no photos were taken.  I walked it in an hour and a half with a friend.  I often walk with my friend on Sunday’s and it was a rather warm afternoon.


Hike number 28 was a lovely walk.   I walked for two hours and fifteen minutes.  It was along the Hadlock pond trail and I walked along both ponds.  I met a women at the small bridge and talked with her for a bit.  Then we finished walking along the pond and enjoyed sharing as we walked.  The afternoon was warm but there was a gentle breeze and the stream gave a very cool area to walk.  I am thankful to have the experience of first walking along these ponds with my summer friends from Canada.  At the beginning of my hike I heard a Swainson thrush.  I have not heard this bird before.  It was a great walk and good to walk the area with them.  Today walking along the area for the second time seemed barely familiar but I walked the path from a different direction and do not

know the area well.  It was very quiet where I walked.  Though I met a few people along the path it was very peaceful.


A neat bridge along the path.


Interesting mushrooms along the walk.  These were just one of the types I photographed.

The stream was running along the path and gave a very cool area to pause on a hot afternoon.


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