Awesome hike 31 of 52 challenge

IMG_1403Shared a hike with a friend today.  It was a great hike.  Such amazing views and some grand challenges!  Hiked the beehive mountain 520 feet today.  It is a sweet little mountain.  Hiked from 5:45 to 7:30.  It was a quick steep climb a small rocky boulder field at the foot of the mountain.  It rises out of the back of sand beach.  It is named very appropriately with it’s hive like appearance.


The struggle was real in the photo below.  Really was a spot where I was too short to reach and had to figure out how to get to the next rung.




Hanging on and trying not to look down.  Enjoyed the challenge but again my vertical limits can make these climbs difficult.  Look at the view of sand beach.   God really has blessed the area I call home.

tree and me on the hive

me on the hive

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