Kayaking the south of Long Pond

Kayaked the south end of Long Pond.   It was a calm day but the wind picked up a little.  I was glad for wind because I had my wind paddle sail.  It was perfect.  I would paddle into the waves for a bit and then sail back.  I did this a few times and glad I stopped when I did because I was tired.  Sailing in my kayak is even more peaceful than paddling!  I also carried my kayak on top of my Honda Element for the first time today.  I used a you tube video to help me plan an attack of how to get it onto the car alone.  I ended up using a ski pole stuck into my roof rack and then my other PVC pipe that I will use for an awning on camping trips makes a perfect V.   This V is padded with a towel and then I lifted my kayak up to it and then lifted from the back to move it into position onto the rack.  I will have to post a photo soon.  It was a great day and after getting off the water it was extremely calm and beautiful.  After getting done I went for my first swim in Somes Pond.  It was so refreshing.  I swam to the rock and back.  This is the “thing” that you do at the pond.

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