Big Hike for number 33 of 52 challenge

Today I hiked a big hike of four hours.  I bagged four mountains on MDI.   It was a very foggy day so no views but some nice mountain paths.



Bald Peak was the first peak I climbed on the way to Parkman Mtn.  It is at 974 feet.  My husband years ago before I knew him climbed this peak on a long hike with buddies across the island.  There is a photo somewhere of his bald head so I took a photo of my head at the summit.


Second mountain to summit was Parkman mountain.


Like I said it was very foggy!


The elevation of Parkman Mountain is 941 feet.  I wonder what the view is like on a clear day.  I walked up Parkman mountain trail and then down Grandgent trail towards Gilmore Mountain.

New Darn Tough Vermont socks!  They felt really good.


And finally Gilmore Mountain at the elevation of 1036 feet!   Felt really good climbing and very few locations that were difficult for turtle legs.   Very pretty walking out the Maple Spring trail.


I believe the bridge is the Hemlock Bridge.   Very large and impressive.  So my 33rd hike of this year is for the 33 years I have lived here.  One mountain for each 11 years that I have loved this island.  Hike on!

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