Bihikayathon as hike number 37 is complete

Yesterday I did hike number 37 along with a kayak and bike ride also.  It was my annual bihikayathon.  This year was unique in the fact I did the hike and the kayak trip with a friend.  It was an enjoyable day.  The day was beautiful weatherwise and we left the house at 9:30 and I returned home after watching the sunset at 7:30.

God’s beauty was evident everywhere we went.

First we hiked Homan’s path, then to Emery, and returned by Kurt Diedrich Climb.  The hike took us about 1 hour and forty minutes.

emery path.

emery path2.

Then we walked along Hemlock path to get a few photos of the birches.


We then grabbed a sandwich and went to Thuya Gardens.

It was very beautiful and peaceful.

Then we continued on to Jordan Pond to kayak.   After a rather long walk to get the kayaks to the shore we were able to drift along the pond.

It was rather wind on our return to the boat launch and at times I wasn’t sure we were moving forward as we fought the wind and the waves.   It took us about an hour and ten minutes to paddle the pond.  It took about an hour to launch and get the boats placed back onto my Element.  I then quickly changed my clothes and headed to Eagle lake to bike around.  It took me an hour to bike the 5.8 miles.  I was feeling a little weary by the time I finished.   I then headed to Hadley Point to watch the sunset!   It was a BIG day and a good day.




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