Fall AT hike of VT number 38 of 52 challenge




Trek one on day one of four day hike of VT.  Drove seven hours and then met shuttle driver at VT route 4 parking.  He then drove me to VT route 140.  I began hiking north.


Not many views along the trail but caught this one early on.  Hiked from Route 140 to Spring Lake Clearing after stopping for a snack at the first shelter (Minerva SH).  It took from 3 PM to 5 PM and then I hiked until about 6:45 to the clearing and stealth camped with the many wolf spiders I made quick friends as I set up my tent for the night.  Saw an amazing sunset over the valley.  Covered four miles today.  After hanging the bear bag I realized I had placed my ear plugs into it.  Oh well I will get a full ear of nature tonight.  Nature is so loud.  So many animals came by my tent to sniff.  It was a busy night for sure.  Hoping to sleep better tomorrow night.


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