Hike from South Pomfret to Thistle Hill Shelter hike number 45 of 52 hike challenge (first day of trek three)

Today will be a hike with my sister and the solo hiking is set aside for a few days.  After a little issue in finding the parking area we finally got on the trail.  At the trail head I met two ladies that I had seen at Stony Brook SH.  We were going to be camping at the same shelter that night.  We started the climb up the hill and tried to take it easy since my sister was getting on the trail for the first time this year.  We began hiking at 2:40 and got to the shelter at 6 PM.  We had 4 miles to hike from South Pomfret Road and 0.4 to the water once we got to the shelter at Thistle Hill.

A neat rock wall we found early on in our hike.


It was good to be on the trail with my sister.  While hanging the bear bag we got out of control with laughter.  When trying to find the hanging bag after dark it was sort of creepy due to the way it glowed in the dark.



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