Hike from Thistle Hill Shelter to Happy Hill Shelter hike number 46 of 52 challenge


We had a hike of 8.8 miles.  It was hot at times depending on what part of the hill we were hiking.  At about the halfway point we were called to by a man on his front porch and he asked if we wanted a soda.  We joined him on his porch and he treated us to coffee and some snacks.  It was a nice service and they have done it since 2002.  We enjoyed the break and our lunch.  Then we started a long trek and seemed to be out of energy.  We stopped a few more times to gather our energy.  We hiked from 8:45 to 5:20.  It was good to find the shelter and get settled for the night.

The Shelter at Happy Hill was small but cute.   We stayed in our tents and ate at the shelter.  There was a group of hikers staying near the water source.  It was a good water supply and easy to capture fresh water.




Laughter broke out again when I went for a last minute bathroom break and found a way to make my sandals yellow while leaning on a tree up a hill.  It got me giggling for a second night in a row.


There was a pretty view of the valley and saw some flowers in a field that I had not seen earlier in the week.  I thought the purple asters looked nice in the above photo.  There were many types of mushrooms through the woods.

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