Hike number 39 on the AT of VT


Very pretty morning and drank my coffee at the overlook area.  Started my morning looking for a place to do my duty and a hiker arrived at the overlook area.  I stood silently waiting for them to leave.  Then I closed up camp and just soaked in the view for a while.


Small suspension bridge I crossed in the morning.  I took photos from each side without looking at the camera because it was too frightening to look down to the water which was about thirty foot below me.

Arrived at the Clarendon SH which was my night before destination at 10:20 and had second breakfast.  I was glad that I had stopped at the overlook because I would not have made the destination of the shelter.  I began my day of hiking at 8:35 and finished at 5:15.

It was a long day but I enjoyed the cool of the gorge as I hiked through the rocks.

Met a girl named Amazing grace that began her hike at Hanover, NH.  She is learning a lot as she hikes.  We had a nice chat.  She mentioned I might want to cool off in Cold River ahead of me.  It was a hot day and I stopped to cool off before finishing for the day.

I had a little trouble finding the shelter.  Today I did nine miles.   Made it to Governor Clement SH.  Feeling weary and hot.  Filtered water right away and found the shelter dwellers not too talkative so I moved on to set up my tent.  At nightfall a person when through my camping area to get water and tripped over a large tree that was across the path.  I asked them if they were okay and they said as they were trying to be quiet they never saw the tree.  Then next morning I found it rather odd that the missed seeing the entire tree in their pathway!

Pack seemed very heavy with extra warm clothes that I did not need.  I am not sure I can do the big mountain trek tomorrow but I will do my best.  First two to three days are always so tough when starting the hike with a full pack.  Met people from Maine in the shelter.


Very cute shelter with a fireplace inside.  Very dark in the sleeping quarters.



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