Hike number Forty of 52 challenge and day three on the AT in VT

On the trail by 9 AM and off by 6 PM.  Long day but climbed Killington Mountain!  The path was a gradual grade and not really a killer of a mountain.  I stopped near the top and met a woman that is on the AT women’s FB site.  We talked for a few minutes.  Pack seemed good today.  Carried less water today.  Felt challenged but it worked out well.

Got a small amount at a stream near the top.  When I got to an area near the peak there were a few tent platforms.  I set down my pack and layed down in the sun.  It felt great.

Then I continued to the peak without my pack.  A distance of 0.2 that was very straight up and quite the challenge.


Met a person with a group of hikers that was doing the LT.  I had met him at the first SH I had stopped at.  We had a good talk and they were enjoying the hike.

Stopped frequently on the hike today trying not to exhaust myself so I could go the distance.  Another long day of nine miles.  The water source was a good walk down in front of the shelter.  Sometimes I just wonder how I keep going after a long day but what choice is there a woman needs water!  Made it to Churchill Scott SH and was glad I only had a short day to hike to the car.  Met two people I met in the shelter the other night that were not very friendly.   YAY!   No flat ground to pitch a tent so I sleep in the shelter tonight.  I do not sleep well in shelters so it shall be interesting.  Rain during the night so glad to have a dry tent to carry out tomorrow.  Slept poorly and it took forever to fall asleep.






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