Hike to be from Happy Hill SH to Hanover, NH hike number 47 of 52 challenge

Today we are hiking to NH!  We left by 8:40 and got to Hanover, NH by 1:00 PM.

It was a 5.5 mile hike and a little further to get to the parking lot where we parked.

Very hot walking from Norwich into Hanover along the road.  I left the trail at Hanover Inn which is at the corner of an intersection.





After walking to our one car we then found my car at South Pomfret road.  After getting to the parking lot two dogs came running across the road from the trail.  There was two hikers that were helping us figure out what to do with the dogs.  We finally decided to put them into my sister’s truck and take them and a hiker to Woodstock.  Once we got reception I called the veterinarian in Woodstock where one of the dogs had gotten their rabies.  The technician had us bring the dogs both to their office.  Then we dropped off the hiker and we were on our way to finding a place to get a shower and a bed.  We stopped at Gifford State Park and rented a cabin.  It felt so good to take a shower.

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