Moving onto trek two with 42 hike of 52 challenge still in VT!


While waiting for my shuttle I saw this sign in the lodge.  Today I will be dropped off at Woodstock Stage Road and hike south to VT route 4.  Today my destination is Wintturi SH.  I got dropped off at 1:30 and hiked until 6:30 a distance of six miles.  This shelter was .25 off the trail.

Good water source but I find myself alone.  To pass the time I read the log book and found out there were a lot of porcupine seen along with a few bear.  This made me a little nervous but I could not hike further tonight.  The weather has begun to turn to rain.  I will stay in the shelter tonight hoping to be alone without any fur critters to join me.  Also noted from the log that there is a bothersome bear at the next shelter.   This gave me something to think about!  I set up in the shelter.  So I prayed that my mind would not run away with my peace.  At about 11 PM I began gathering some supplies to try to start a fire to hopefully put “there are humans here in the air”.  I got some smoke going and it burned for a short time.  I then went back to trying to get to sleep.  I woke up many times.  One time my head lamp caught a field mouse walking along the edge of the shelter.  Tomorrow is another day!


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