Number 43 of 52 challenge moving onto Story Brook SH

Meeting this ladder at the end of a long day really appeared to be more of a challenge than it was.  It is funny how when we are weary just about anything in our path seems like a challenge!

Today I will hike to Story Brook SH.  I decided that I will stay there if there are people and if no one comes in while I am there I will move on and stealth camp.  I left at 8:40 feeling sort of weary from the night.   I hiked ten miles and got into the shelter by 5:30.

It was a long day with some concern as I walked through the woods because it was bear hunting season.  I got into a bright colored shirt out and draped it over my pack because I was wearing a black shirt.  I also took off my pack cover which also is black.  The morning was very nice and I constantly clapped my poles together to alert any people that I wasn’t a bear.  I hummed and sang more than usual to make my presence known.

I met two woman that were slack packing today.  They walked with me for a bit and we shared some of our life.  When they got to their ride out of the woods their peeps offered me some trail magic!   I got a Gatorade.  It tasted fabulous as the day had gotten warm.

Legs are feeling really good.  I feel my right knee is a little sore from the long day down Killington but overall I feel strong.  When I am challenged on a constant up hill climb I can still keep moving and often recover sooner as the days move on.  I met a lot of nice people at the shelter.  I met Seeka and Donna.  Later on my sister and I meet up with them at the road where we parked and the shelter we stayed overnight.  There was also Bagel and his other SOBO friends.  Bagel was a Maine boy and seemed to like being on the trail and setting up for a fire each night.  Other than the heat today I think it went well considering the mileage.


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